K25 StarGirl Readme

“StarGirl” for Lovely Girl
(c) 2011 by Hannah-Beth Carter / “Kachi”
Email: kachi.aozora@gmail.com

“StarGirl” is a sci fi texture for Lovely Girl by Cute3d. It can be used in both commercial and non-commercial renders.

No redistribution of this file, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of the Creator (Hannah-Beth Carter) is allowed.
You may not resell this freebie, in whole or in part.
No derivative textures or products, for sale or as freebies, can be created from any part of these textures.
These textures are not a merchant resource. The Creator retains all copyright unless otherwise noted to the textures.
The User agrees that the Creator cannot be held responsible for any harm or damage that may arise from the use of these files.

This freebie was created predominantly in Daz Studio 2 and should work in both DS2 and DS3. The creator has tested in Poser but as a predominant DS user little support can be offered for Poser. This freebie has not been tested on a Mac and the Creator cannot guarantee that this freebie will work on Mac systems.

If you use StarGirl in your works, please drop me a line. I’d love to see!

Daz Studio Note

The /content folder is included for people who use a version of Daz Studio PRIOR to 2.3 – DS2.3, DS3 Free and

DS3 Advanced can call up the appropriate .ds file from the Pose folder, therefore the /content folder does not need to be installed.

The .ds files in the Pose folder can be ignored by Poser users; they will not affect the performance of the freebie in Poser.


Unzip or copy the files directly into the runtime of your choice. If you use a version of Daz Studio BELOW 2.3 please unzip the Content file as well. If you use Daz Studio 2.3 or higher, or Poser, please copy only the Runtime folder.

File Contents and Listings

…/Victoria 4

…/Lovely Girl


…/K25 StarGirl Readme.txt


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