Hey There Space Cadet

Having scraped through Blogging A-Z with 24 stories, one very time-consuming Poser 2014 render and one hiatus post because I couldn’t see out of one eye, I now have more time to dedicate to retexturing the Ruby outfit.

With that in mind, I have a progress update!  Of sorts.

sideonUnlike the last one, this is not a vanity shot by any means.  I take these on a (depressingly) regular basis to work out how my seams are going (perils of using Photoshop) and to make sure nothing horrific has happened between PS and Poser, like the time I accidentally moved part of the texture halfway down the map and didn’t notice.  It has depth on it… but only because I keep forgetting to turn it off in the render menu, so it’s actually quicker to position the guide.  …I am so lazy, I know.

Now… I think I have the corset very much how I want (minus the back, but you’ve not seen that yet).  HOWEVER!  I’ve been lazy/stupid/naive, depending on how kindly you want to think of me, and for every map iteration/change I’ve made–and I’ve made a lot, thank you seams–I’ve been changing them in the ‘simple’ page in the Material Room.  In Poser 6, which I was most familiar with before there was a long and convoluted upgrade story, this simply swapped out the old map with the new one and no more was said.

I’ve just opened the Material Room for the fasteners (the dark blue bands).

Every single iteration of my map is sitting there, unlinked, friendless and pathetic.

Though I guess this explains why PP14 has been distinctly slow lately.

It… may take a while before my next update, because I’m going to have to remove all these from the Mat Room for every single surface.

Pity me, please.  I’m sure it didn’t used to do this.  (Or my old laptop was so low on memory it dumped everything ASAP while muttering curses under its breath and this one is just more capable.  Who knows?  I’m starting to think I prefer trying to dredge up a story every day for most of a month.  …No, actually, I think I’ll stick with Poser.  It bitches less.  Marginally less.)

~ by Pax Asteriae on May 2, 2015.

4 Responses to “Hey There Space Cadet”

  1. there is a command in the material room for ‘removed unused nodes’ or something like that, but you have to go surface by surface. Or you can look for a python script that will do the same. Or if you have PoserFileEditor it has a command to strip extras out of saved MAT files.

    As you work you want to just replace the old map with the new map. As long as name and location are the same when you rerender poser will pick up the new maps.

    And yes node buildup is a ruddy nuisance.

    • I found the command, but unfortunately Poser just sat and laughed at me, and then after ten minutes crashed. Then I remembered there’s one in SnarlyGribbly’s scripts… with the same result (but it at least made a show of taking longer to think about it first).

      I’ve… pretty much given up on that. My own fault! I’ve gone back to an earlier version and been a LOT more careful with the mat room this time.

      Always good to learn new lessons, and now I know there’s a handy command for when I’m a little less stupid. 😉 Thank you for the advice!

  2. Reblogged this on Defining Ways and commented:
    One of my wonderful finds whilst Blogging with #AtoZchallenge2015

  3. I love your graphics, and I am sure I am not the only one delighted to have discovered you via A-Z…. the thing with that, is keeping the posts as short and catchy as can be… well now it is MAY and YAyyy back to pressing and reblogging!

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